Behind the Looking Glass

He awoke one day; continued about his daily practices. The same scrambled eggs in the morning, the same occasional glance at the mirror before leaving for work, the same berating by the supervisor for his own mistakes, the same lazy evenings switching TV channels, and the same dread before sleeping for tomorrow.

So monotonous his life; tried everything to escape the norm. There was but one incident in this seemingly infinite loop that startled him; leading him into a pitfall of confusion. One Friday night after dinner he noticed something awry about his reflection. When he walked towards the mirror he saw that it was him, but not him.

At first, the only difference between him and his image was a different set of clothes. Draped in jet black his image mimicked his every move, like any other image would. He stared at the mirror for a solid hour, dumbstruck but unable to explain this weird phenomenon. He went to sleep thinking he had a long day.

The next day, in his routine, he glanced at the mirror once more. This time the image was moving about, as if it had a mind of its own. He slowly backed away, pinching himself, hoping it was a nightmare. His plea went unanswered, for it was reality.

Everyday he went through the same, and everyday the reflection showed a world of a difference between the living standards of him and his image. Everyday the image would stare back glorified, with a smug look on its face. Demeaning him off all his endeavours, just by the use of expression. Grasping his head he fled the place, still unable to comprehend the meaning of all of this. Day after day, the same thing happened. And then, it suddenly loomed upon him.

He started to panic, and clutched at the mirror.

For he realized, he was the reflection.

 Model: Mohsin Hussain





  1. By sophia Reply

    Wow! this country is counting on artists like you yasir who portray the subtlety of life in a unique way. we blame others and our circumstance for the evil that surrounds when its the darkness within us that haunts us. i wish that you continue to pursue your passion for photography. God Bless and Happy birthday

  2. By Aaiza Alam Reply

    Interesting, however..I would suggest you a reading..slightly heavy perhaps but it might another meaning to your look at the term ‘reality’. Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard, also a lighter yet a stunningly mind boggling read..’Alice In Wonderland’..the unabridged version. I’d like to see what you can stir out of that. =)

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