The Concrete Jungle

Finally, a vacation. This was a long time coming. This is the first time I went to NYC and explored the streets. According to Google Fit, my friend and I walked 60km for the span of 3 days!

There was so much to see, so little time. My next trip will definitely include Williamsburg. For now, enjoy the brief moments that I captured.

Location: New York, NY
Date: 10th-14th December, 2014


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Sto Te Nema

In its 9th year coming. Što Te Nema made its way to Canada. Dundas Square played host to this event commemorating the 19th anniversary of the Genocide that occurred in Bosnia where over 8000 people were massacred.

The event’s purpose was to raise awareness towards genocide as a crime against humanity and the way they portrayed this was with a living monument in form of coffee cups. People from all races participated and filled each of the cups in the center of Dundas Square. Each cup represented a cup of coffee that a soul that departed in that genocide could not have.

The brains behind this event was Aida Sehovic while Haris Celic was responsible for setting the stage in Toronto. Kudos to them for letting me part of such an awesome event. Enjoy the photographs!

More information visit:

Location: Dundas Square, Toronto, ON
Date: 12th July, 2014

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Mandarin Pop and Churros

So it was my first time at Kensington Market, and can I say its quite the hidden gem of Toronto. Well not hidden per se, everyone knows about it but not all have visited this place full of life. Coupled with two camera wielding friends, we explored the Art Fair that occurred on Sunday.

For those of you who haven’t been, Kensington Market spans over the two main streets Augusta Ave and Nassau St and extends to a couple of side-streets adjacent to these two streets. The Fair was full of street displays of art, music and a bulk of food stalls. With food, I could primarily eye a lot of mexican/latino based cuisine including the titular Churros. A chocolate smothered stick from Heaven I would call it. Diabetic suicide, but so so good. Furthermore, a lot of artists set up tents and were selling their art pieces. If only I had the cash, I would have purchased a view that really caught my eye.

I will highly recommend checking this place out on a Sunday. Something or the other always occurs here on the weekend.

For now, I’ll let the gallery do the talking. Enjoy.

Location: Kensington Market, Toronto, ON
Date: 28th May, 2014

Skim and Skirr

Seeing how I recently started posting again. I’d like to go further down the timeline and upload some pictures from when I was in Pakistan during this summer. To be honest, its not been that long since I was there but it feels like its been ages.

There wasn’t a day that I would just sit still at home and tried to do as many things as I could in that brief visit. Met many new people along the way. One of the trips I took my camera to was to the Karachi Seaport, Kemâri. This trip was arranged for my friend Sophia’s birthday. We did a little tour of the port itself and went around towards Manôra. I remember the captain saying not to take my camera out as the Navy ships were around and they were very particular about things like cameras.

Better late than never

Its been a while since I last posted! Partially because I was in between moving to my new place, and trying to scour through the realms of employmenthood to get a job!

So my first post, after re-swearing my oath of loyalty to the blog, is about Valleyfield, QC. My cousins grew up there, so we decided to visit their childhood place. I must say, I love it. I would definitely not mind raising my kids in this serene and nostalgic town.

Location: Valleyfield, QC.

Behind the Looking Glass

He awoke one day; continued about his daily practices. The same scrambled eggs in the morning, the same occasional glance at the mirror before leaving for work, the same berating by the supervisor for his own mistakes, the same lazy evenings switching TV channels, and the same dread before sleeping for tomorrow.

So monotonous his life; tried everything to escape the norm. There was but one incident in this seemingly infinite loop that startled him; leading him into a pitfall of confusion. One Friday night after dinner he noticed something awry about his reflection. When he walked towards the mirror he saw that it was him, but not him.

At first, the only difference between him and his image was a different set of clothes. Draped in jet black his image mimicked his every move, like any other image would. He stared at the mirror for a solid hour, dumbstruck but unable to explain this weird phenomenon. He went to sleep thinking he had a long day.

The next day, in his routine, he glanced at the mirror once more. This time the image was moving about, as if it had a mind of its own. He slowly backed away, pinching himself, hoping it was a nightmare. His plea went unanswered, for it was reality.

Everyday he went through the same, and everyday the reflection showed a world of a difference between the living standards of him and his image. Everyday the image would stare back glorified, with a smug look on its face. Demeaning him off all his endeavours, just by the use of expression. Grasping his head he fled the place, still unable to comprehend the meaning of all of this. Day after day, the same thing happened. And then, it suddenly loomed upon him.

He started to panic, and clutched at the mirror.

For he realized, he was the reflection.

 Model: Mohsin Hussain




Breaking the Bottle – Post-Independence Fever

And so it begins, knixer is finally up and running. Welcome folks to what will be my domain for the foreseeable future to showcase photographs that I deem worthy enough for your viewing.

The website is still rickety, and requires tweaks here and there with a lot of content still left to upload. I shall try my best to get it underway as soon as possible. Till then, you shall suffer with my constant (hopefully) postage. For now, a serious post.
Ever since my return to Pakistan, I’ve been itching to shoot the magnificence of Karachi and its populace. Given the current month of Ramadan and its festivities, I’ll be basing most of my themes on that. However, the advent of the day of my country’s freedom, passed by a couple of days ago, and for the first time I celebrated it the way I used to celebrate it in my youth. This time with more respect for my country and its contributions to my upbringing.

The country has undergone many hardships over the course of 64 years and even so, currently the country is facing ever-growing violence with an incompetent government trying to put a lid to all of it. But even then 14th August was celebrated in its entirety. As you pass by even the minor areas of the city, you would see miniature flags flying everywhere. People attached flags on their motorcycles as well as their cars and were zipping past the roads. The people carry on the lore commemorating the sacrifices made by their ancestors to achieve what we have today, although not exactly what they would have wanted us to have, but still something worth sustaining. It was truly going down memory lane seeing so much green on that day.

I did my own piece for the day. My friends helped out with the little photography session. Although this manner of theme is a bit overdone, I still wanted to take some shots.

Models: Mohsin Hussain, Ubaid Yousuf