Breaking the Bottle – Post-Independence Fever

And so it begins, knixer is finally up and running. Welcome folks to what will be my domain for the foreseeable future to showcase photographs that I deem worthy enough for your viewing.

The website is still rickety, and requires tweaks here and there with a lot of content still left to upload. I shall try my best to get it underway as soon as possible. Till then, you shall suffer with my constant (hopefully) postage. For now, a serious post.
Ever since my return to Pakistan, I’ve been itching to shoot the magnificence of Karachi and its populace. Given the current month of Ramadan and its festivities, I’ll be basing most of my themes on that. However, the advent of the day of my country’s freedom, passed by a couple of days ago, and for the first time I celebrated it the way I used to celebrate it in my youth. This time with more respect for my country and its contributions to my upbringing.

The country has undergone many hardships over the course of 64 years and even so, currently the country is facing ever-growing violence with an incompetent government trying to put a lid to all of it. But even then 14th August was celebrated in its entirety. As you pass by even the minor areas of the city, you would see miniature flags flying everywhere. People attached flags on their motorcycles as well as their cars and were zipping past the roads. The people carry on the lore commemorating the sacrifices made by their ancestors to achieve what we have today, although not exactly what they would have wanted us to have, but still something worth sustaining. It was truly going down memory lane seeing so much green on that day.

I did my own piece for the day. My friends helped out with the little photography session. Although this manner of theme is a bit overdone, I still wanted to take some shots.

Models: Mohsin Hussain, Ubaid Yousuf 


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  1. By Little Betty Reply

    I love the layout of your website and the entire feel to it. Your photography is brilliant! keep it up knixer! :)

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