Sto Te Nema

In its 9th year coming. Što Te Nema made its way to Canada. Dundas Square played host to this event commemorating the 19th anniversary of the Genocide that occurred in Bosnia where over 8000 people were massacred.

The event’s purpose was to raise awareness towards genocide as a crime against humanity and the way they portrayed this was with a living monument in form of coffee cups. People from all races participated and filled each of the cups in the center of Dundas Square. Each cup represented a cup of coffee that a soul that departed in that genocide could not have.

The brains behind this event was Aida Sehovic while Haris Celic was responsible for setting the stage in Toronto. Kudos to them for letting me part of such an awesome event. Enjoy the photographs!

More information visit:

Location: Dundas Square, Toronto, ON
Date: 12th July, 2014

IMG_4046-47 IMG_4042-1 IMG_4017-41 IMG_4006-4 IMG_3997-40
IMG_3986-36 IMG_3983-35 IMG_3982-34 IMG_3980-33 IMG_3978-32 IMG_3957-27 IMG_3940-22 IMG_3926-20 IMG_3923-19 IMG_3914-17 IMG_3911-16 IMG_3908-15 IMG_3902-14 IMG_3896-13 IMG_3890-11 IMG_3889-10 IMG_3885-9 IMG_3883-8 IMG_3882-1 IMG_3879-7 IMG_3874-6 IMG_3868-5 IMG_3865-4 IMG_3862-3 IMG_3852-2

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